DOG WALK in Manila


ABOUT “Ampon Alaga”

Ampon Alaga is a non-governmental organization, a rescue and adoption project of PETA asia. The organization’s name “Ampon alaga”means “to adopt” (ampon) and “to take care” (alaga) in tagalog.

Ampon Alagaは民間で犬レスキューと譲渡を行っている動物愛護団体です。フィリピンのマニラにも最近できたようです。”Ampon alaga”はタガログ語で、その意味は、“to adopt and to take care”。

Rescued dogs

At the moment, they are taking care of about 25~30 rescued dogs and some have been adopted already. The dogs and cats that they have rescued are from different parts of manila, some were rescued from their abusive owners, puppies dumped in the garbage or in rivers, or have been found in terrible living conditions: chained outdoors and not fed. These dogs have different stories with them who really needs a loving home to live in. Despite their hardships, these dogs are the sweetest and loves playing with people around them. Meet these adorable furry friends who are waiting eagerly for a second chance at a better life, the life they deserve.🐶


Dog Walk Volunteer

Ampon alaga is looking for volunteers who can walk these dogs. They walk the dogs daily from 7am~10am. According to the staff, this is the only time that the dogs could go out, otherwise they stay in their separate kennels for the whole day.
The dogs are really excited and playful when they go out because of the pent up energy, yet they are well-behaved and very friendly to people they meet.

The staff will accompany the volunteers to walk around the village and to Rockwell at the dog park where the dogs can also meet other people and other dogs to play with. This routine makes these dogs well-socialized and be trained for walks.

DOG WALKのボランティアを募っています。以下、集合場所と散歩時間。
・場所:Rockwell at the dog park

How to contact as volunteer

How to volunteer for a dog walk: contact them on their facebook page. (Note: mostly on Fridays and weekends, there are many volunteers so make sure to sign up early to book a slot)
Apply to ADOPT here:
Apply to FOSTER here:

DOG WALKのボランティアの申し込み方法は、上記の彼らのfacebook pageから!