フィリピンSMモール映画館でTALOR SWIFTコンサート公演!

  • コンサートツアーは2023年3月からスタートし、2024年にアジアではシンガポールと日本のみ公演。他の多くの国は映画館でのコンサートを実施されてフィリピンでもありました。
  • 相当の人気だったようでチケットも抽選だったようです。
  • フィリピン映画館の公演は2023年10月。SM CITY TAYTAYにて。550-1000php。
  • 映画館はライブ会場さながらの盛りあがり!
  • 生のコンサートは最高だと思いますが映画館でのコンサートも満足度は絶対に高いと思います。観客同士の一体感は半端ないと思います。日本でもこれが普及すればいいのにと思う。なかなか生のコンサートチケット取れないですもんね。それに高いですし。需要は高いと思うんですけどね。ああ、コンサート行きたい!

Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter known for her soul-baring songs. She’s currently having her concert tour and she called it “the eras tour”. She described it as a journey through all of her musical “eras”. The tour started in March 2023 and she will be coming to Asia in 2024. However, she will be touring in Singapore and Japan only. The announcement of the tour has greatly saddened many Filipino fans since Taylor Swift has she has one of the biggest fanbase in the Philippines.

She later announced that The Eras tour will be shown in cinemas in many countries including the Philippines and of course this has made many Filipino fans happy and excited to watch her show even if it’s only on the big screen.

My take on the eras tour cinema show is that, it sure is far from your usual movie to watch in cinemas. Thanks to SM malls and Ayala malls in the Philippines for allowing the fans to sing-along and enjoy the show like it’s the actual concert. Fans wearing their outfits like they’re actually going to the concert and exchanging/giving friendship bracelets. With that experience, it made a lot of fans feel happy and lucky that we were able to experience her amazing show.
Each malls have their own styles and backdrops prepared for the fans to take a picture with, from lifesize standees of Taylor in her different eras and to decorating the cinema like it’s a concert hall. It sure made the fans feel that it’s real.

マカティにある、Taylor Swiftカフェの紹介!

A Taylor Swift-themed cozy cafe where you can dine or have a sip of coffee and listen to Taylor Swift’s songs the whole day!

  • WILTLOVER CAFE@Ayala mall Circuit Makati